Scanme – A new dimension for digital marketing roost January 13, 2022
Step by step
How works?
Rent a profile

 on Scanme website

You get

QR code i NFC cards

Your customers

scan a QR code or NFC card


your personalized page with all the  information

In short
What are the benefits of using ScanMe system?

The NFC chip or QR code will display all the information, a menu with all your products and links to all your social networks. Using our smart technology will save you money and make it much easier to communicate with your customers.

No more daily changing of advertising materials, business cards, menus. One profile on the ScanMe system solves all these problems.

Your profile can be edited and changing  daily without the need to change the NFC chip or QR code.

In short
It's time for smart packing

Innovative packaging or product branding technology with NFC chip or QR code offers you an unique opportunity to easily show the customer all the relevant and important information about your product, and best of all, you can change and add them at any time . Your customers will always have the latest information, without changing the NFC chip or QR code.

The customer can interact with your products while they are still on the shelves and find out all the important information about the product, composition, origin, customer support, visit your social networks, download PDF instructions, access the loyalty program, download discount coupons, etc. There is no end to the possibilities.

What can be branded with an NFC chip or QR code?

Absolutely everything. Can be attached to the cardbox, product packaging or even the product itself. It is practical and customers will adore this option. All you have to do is tap the product with a phone with an NFC reader or scan the QR code and a page will open with all  mentioned product information. Just like contactless card payments.

Tell the story of the product

NFC and QR code can be your best sellers . Tell the story of your product through interactive content that will be opened by scanning NFC or QR code from the packaging. Video product reviews are now just a scan or click from your customer.

Rank better

How can we help you with that?

Digital menu
Smart packings
Online marketing
Real time analytics
Organic search
Google advertising
Step by step
How works?
Links to social networks

All links to your the social networks are now in one place. ScanMe supports all social networks, without exceptions.

Digital menu

One scan is enough and your users will already be choosing some of your products.

Google My Business Reviews

Successful business must have good reputation management. Invite your users to leave an review and see the review of other users.

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    What's more
    Which scan options are available?

    Depends on the package of your order, we offer you two options. Let your customers get all the information by scanning the NFC chip or QR code .

    Scanning an NFC chip means that users place their phone in the place marked spot for scanning where the NFC chip is located. The NFC chip can be implemented in a smart card, packaging or any other advertising material.

    QR code scanning is an option that allows users to access the page with all the information by scanning the QR code with their phones camera.

    What do I get with a Scanme profile?
    • Personal data
    • Photography
    • Location
    • Website
    • Social networks
    • Prepress
    • NFC + QR CODE
    • Company Information
    • Specification
    • Online Marketing
    • Video promotion / photo
    • Website
    • Social networks
    • Google Analytics
    • QR CODE
    • Digital Menu
    • Google Reviews
    • Tripadvisor
    • Video promotion / photo
    • Website
    • Social networks
    • Google Analytics
    • NFC + QR CODE